Warehouse Solution

Sprint Logistics provides warehousing solution to our clients. Our Warehouse operations ensures that stocks arrive at their customers’ destinations on time, prevent orders from getting lost in transit. Thus the following factors are essential to operations in a warehouse:

Maximizing Space
Bulk Storage

Some warehouses with low ceilings will choose to maximize the space on the floor by lining up pallets in rows and stacking pallets of goods on top of one another. This is effective for storing many pallets of the same type of product.

Rack Storage

This method is a more widely accepted method for warehouses with high ceilings as multiple racks can be made to store pallets of goods. At the same time, the shelves can be used to easily categorize the goods accordingly. Some examples could be:

  • Short term VS Long term
  • Types of goods
  • Goods from the same company

Thus, this is relatively more efficient way than bulk storage

Systemic Packing System
Bulky and Large goods

For these goods, it is pretty straightforward as bigger goods are easier to pack onto pallets and stored in the respective shelves using forklifts or other automated packing systems.

Loose and Small items

Most warehousing companies will gather similar loose items and make a list of them, followed by packing them into a single carton to be stored away along with the bigger goods. Before doing this, there will be a checker who will account for all the loose items and ensure that these loose items are secured before packing them in.

Central Management System

In most warehousing companies, there is a small office located in the warehouse and that office comprises a management team to oversee the smooth everyday operations.

With the ground crew running the daily ground operations, this team will be overlooking the bigger picture and prepare for possible logjams and inform the crew on the ground.

Minimum Human Error

No human is perfect and we are bound to make errors when accounting for stores and at the same time, slow down movement of goods when manual labour is utilized. Hence, most modern warehouses would introduce automated picking, packing and shipping as machines can be made to perfect operations.

Benefits Of Sprint Warehouse Solution

  • Your Stocks Are In Professional Hands
  • You can expand your business at lower cost
  • Cheaper & Faster Deliveries

Your Cargo our responsibility

Sprint Logistics sees your cargo as ‘OUR’ cargo. So we take great responsibility in the handling of every single shipment. Be assured that Sprint Logistic's experienced logistics experts will arrange for the timely and efficient delivery of your cargo and relevant documentations.

Ensuring the best use of time and cost factor to maximize client's competitiveness in today's market

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